Our team has been so fortunate to use Follow Up Boss for the last five years. It allows us to stay on top of all our opportunities and connect with nearly 40 lead sources so they're all in one place.

Justin Havre, Team Leader of Justin Havre Real Estate Team

In 90 days, we've already tripled the production of what the team did in an entire year. Using the system that's in front of them, they're able to dial it in, organize it, and do what they gotta do

Barry Jenkins, CMO & Owner of Better Homes & Gardens NAGR

All my leads finally come to one place, and all the texts and emails are in the contact record, no matter which device I'm using. It's fast and also super mobile-friendly. It has just the right amount of features - no clutter. Follow Up Boss is a big reason why we have been able to double our sales numbers every year since 2015.

Preston Guyton, Founder of EZHomeSearch.com

Follow Up Boss just easy to use. A new agent doesn’t have to have 2 months of training to figure out how to work their leads. They can do it within a matter of hours.

Tiffany Gelzinis, Realtor of The Gelzinis Group

Follow Up Boss has been a game-changer for us in terms of accountability. It makes it easy for us to help our agents, provides extra added consistent value for our clients — and it has made our agents more productive and put more money in their pockets.

Debra Beagle, Co-owner / Managing Broker of Ashton Real Estate Group

We've been using Follow Up Boss now for five years. It has brought us from a single agent to a team doing over a hundred transactions and over $55 million in business every year. It's an essential tool for our business that's helped us grow and scale to who we are today.

Jeff Funk, Owner / Team Lead of The Funk Collection

What a breath of fresh air! Coming from another CRM that I thought was the bomb...man was I wrong! FUB is exactly what we needed to have a more simplified yet powerful system that runs super smooth. The reporting is my favorite as well as the support team who helped us to make the transition.

Serri Rowell, Owner of The Brand Realty Team

We've been with FUB for 10 years. The reasons we came to FUB then are the same reasons why we stay. Amazing customer service, continually innovating, API integrations with so many partners.

Anthony Malafronte, Owner of My Tampa Agent

Follow Up Boss is the game changer every real estate business needs. Adding this tool in your tool belt will have exponential impact.

Kendall Bonner, Co-Owner/Team Leader of The Kendall Bonner Team

As a real estate agent and business owner, I can tell with absolute certainty that Follow Up Boss is by far, the most compelling CRM in the industry. When I say "compelling," I'm not implying that FUB is excessively robust and full of unnecessary features, hard for the average agent or team member to assimilate. Simplicity, I would say is my favorite part of the platform, followed by the fantastic team who's always working diligently to improve the systems. Their pricing is also another reason that gives FUB a tremendous advantage over the competition.

Andre Perez, Agent and Founder of District Partners