This service is hand down, at a the top of the follow up game. I have had Follow Up Boss almost 3 years now and it is by far the best solution in the service demands immediate follow up from my agents. I spend a pile of money generating leads each month, and when agents do not get followed up with them in a timely manner, it's cash in the trash! Add the email drip integration with MailChimp, rich CRM features, first class customer support, and the ongoing improvements to this service ... you can not go wrong. If there was a 6th star, I would give it!

Michael Lansek

We use FUB all day, every day. It has been a game changer for our team. I recommend them to everyone I know in real estate. Also, the product continues to improve constantly. I have also had a fantastic experience with their custom service.

Nikko Kelaidis

As a real estate agent and business owner, I can tell with absolute certainty that Follow Up Boss is by far, the most compelling CRM in the industry. When I say "compelling," I'm not implying that FUB is excessively robust and full of unnecessary features, hard for the average agent or team member to assimilate. Simplicity, I would say is my favorite part of the platform, followed by the fantastic team who's always working diligently to improve the systems. Ah! their pricing is also another reason that gives FUB a tremendous advantage over the competition.

Andre Perez

Follow Up Boss has been amazing to us in just a short time. They recently upgraded to FUB 2.. the interface is modern, minimal and easy to navigate. Everything I've wanted in a CRM. The customer service has been A+ throughout! Ashley and Dave have been excellent guiding us through the software and have been very thorough with everything. I highly recommend FUB to any agent/teams that want to do lead generation at a high level. FUB stands head and shoulders over the other CRM's we've tried in the past. Thank you Follow Up Boss!

Jonathan Alexander